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Default Re: Can't buy Evans level 360 online

Originally Posted by GRUNTERSDAD View Post
I wouldn't blame Evans for this. The store you bought from must not move much product and they are going to sell old stock first. I will say though it would be nice if they, Evans, bought back the old stock from these stores since they promote it.
I disagree that Evans is not to blame. I disagree because I went to the evans website to purchase directly from evans by selecting the "evans store" link on the drop down list of places to buy online. I thought since ordering direct I would get fresh level 360 heads from evans but when you select the evans store link a program called ShopAtron is exectuted in the background and sells you products from some dealer close to you. In my case they did not even select anyone in my state lol....i could have gone to my local mom and pop stores or local GC to buy what they sold me which is all common stock here with the exception of level 360 heads.

I thought I was buying direct from Evans....this whole thing is mis-leading and deceptive in my opinion. I will say this is probably not done on purpose but more a simple fact that someone is an idiot at Evans for not having different product numbers for level 360 heads which would allow the consumer to select an actual G2 Clear Level 360 head over the normal G2 clear head.
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