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Default Re: 1-Ply Snare Heads

Originally Posted by MikeM View Post
I have a story very similar to yours - 2-ply since forever and recently went to single ply. I put an Ambassador X on one of my snares (12 mil) and really liked the feel and tone, but after just a couple of months, my stick went right through it. I went from, "Hey, this sounds great," to, "Where'd my snare go?" in just one hit. I went back to 2-plies after that little surprise.

Don't have that potential 'gotcha' always hanging out there with a two ply, but you probably won't run into that with a reverse dot, either (I'm guessing ... ). The dot is acting as a muffler, though, so if you really want an open head you'll need to ditch that.
You should give the Remo X14 a shot. It has the benefits of both a single ply head and of a 2 ply head... 14mil thick like an Emperor, but 1 ply like an Ambassador. I find it to be just about perfect on every snare that I use it on. I currently have it on 4 of my 8 snares. The other 4 snares have Coated Ambassdors on them and will be switched to X14s when they become worn out.
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