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I don't intend to sponsor no one and if a moderator think that I'm breaking any forum rule, well, he can delete this post.
I found in YouTube some videos of a japanese guy known by the name of batmankozyy. He uploaded several Beatle songs in wich he plays Ringo's parts. Ok, for all those people that think that Ringo Starr was a mediocre lucky guy who got the spot as a Beatles drummer just by chance, take a look at those videos. This japanese fellow plays the parts note-by-note and let me tell you: he shows exactly what Ringo was, a fantastic drummer with more than a few very good fills, not in the common path perhaps but right on time and even complicated at some point. Just take a look at those videos and you'll see what I'm talking about, just watch this guy playing "Come together", see what he does and tell me again than Ringo was a mediocre drummer. íLong live Ringo!
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