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Default Can't buy Evans level 360 online

So I thought I was smart and ordered a g2 clear fusion tom pack (10,12,14) and also a 16 form the evans website. On the drop down list you have the option to buy from the evans store, so here I am thinking I'm a genius and order the heads from the evans store thinking I'll get fresh new level 360 heads and man was I wrong.

Fast forward a week later I receive my heads, the 3 tom fusion pack is not level 360 but the 16" is! In the shipping box I see that my heads came from "Dad's Diggings" in Wisconsin. I call this place and explained that I ordered from the evans store and he explained that evans uses a "shopatron" program on the web which simply finds an online store close to you that has your items in stock. I explained to the gentleman on the phone I had wanted level 360 heads and thought I would be getting fresh stock from evans so anyway that's when he explained to me the shopatron crap.

Seems like the only way to ensure you can get all level 360 heads is to call your local store and have them specifically order your level 360 heads from evans.

Online stores do not specify if any of your heads are level 360, so the phone call has to be placed whether you want to buy online or from your local dealer. Really this is a stupid corner evans backed them selves into, I don't understand why they would get people excited about new technology the make it so difficult to get.

Stupidity like this makes me just want to keep giving my money to remo or aquarian.
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