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Default Re: Philly Joe Jones

Auger- a guy I used to study with, Garry Deboeck used to live with Philly in Vancouver for a couple months. I guess you could say he studied with Philly but Garry was already one of Canada's best jazz drummers at the time. Very much in an old-school mode but MAN could he play. Anyways, he said he tried to hang with Philly and learn as much as he could... Philly said "Just work through the Stone and the Wilcoxon, man. Those will get you by." Seeing as Garry already had great hands he was a little put off lol. Some of the stories that Garry recounted to me about Philly were ridiculous and hilarious. Stuff like instead of paying the hotel bill, he'd jump off of the second story balcony and other stories. The way Garry recounted these stories, he made it seem like Philly was quite the character. RIP Philly Joe Jones.
M. Andrew Dyrda
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