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Originally Posted by adam! View Post
Yes, the wood is really that red. Only a clear protective coat applied. Truly unique intense sound...

Andy, I'm sure it's no Guru, but it'll have to do for now!
Don't put yourself or your drum down man, that looks beautiful!!! I love the colour of padauk, & I love the colour it ages to too. You'll find it will go gradually more brown over the years, but still retain that "burnt" glow.

As for sound, there's a reason we chose padauk for our Performance range Origin series drums ;) No one here knows this yet, but we've also chosen Padauk for our new series stave snares, so "chosen well have you, young Skywalker" :)

Treated in the right way, it's one of the kings of tonewoods for me, & it's character is suited perfectly to stave construction, or the other way around :) Either way, it's just a heady combination of punch, bite, & articulation, but with multiple flavours lurking underneath. Padauk likes to work :) :) :)

Only slight negative I can see is what appears to be minor lug splay, but that may just be the photo. In close up photo's with a standard point & shoot lens, it sometimes happens.

If I may make one suggestion, if you get the chance at some stage, try it with "S" hoops. IMHO, they go together beautifully.

Huge enjoyment is coming your way for sure. Nice job man, nice job!
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