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Default Re: New Yamaha Oak Custom Kit...

Worth mentioning (before anyone else does) is my violation of the number one rule in photography: reflections of lawn mowers...
Here is another set up I've been playing around with lately... I love the single rack, double bass idea, with aux. hi hat option. 24" ride is used more as a crash ride in this configuration. A bit of a Tomas Haake influence here:
Name:  DSCN1018.JPG
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Name:  DSCN1020.JPG
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Name:  DSCN1022.JPG
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Here is how I would set up for a quick gig (when I'm feeling lazy):
Name:  DSCN1028.JPG
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Name:  DSCN1029.JPG
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Cymbals are all Paiste:
14" Signature Sound Edge Hi Hats
20" 2oo2 Novo China
18" Signature Full Crash
18" Signature Mellow Crash
21" Signature Dry Heavy Ride
20" Twenty China
20" Signature Full Crash
Also shown:
15" 2oo2 Sound Edge Hi Hats
20" Giant Beat Multi
24" Giant Beat Multi
Yamaha Ludwig Paiste
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