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Default New Yamaha Oak Custom Kit...

I've had this kit for awhile now, but only recently added a second bass drum to the lot... Thought I'd snap a few pics for the fun of it. This is a Yamaha Oak Custom kit in York Honey Amber finish. The sound is incredible. I've been through a few kits in too short a time than I'd care to admit, but I ended up back with Oak for a bigger kit. Sizes are:
8x7 (not pictured)
22x17 x2
Pretty basic sizes. I like the slightly shorter bass drums (16" deep would have been ideal), and I love square size floor toms. I got the main kit through Guitar Center (used) and picked up the second bass drum used on ebay (for a steal). I've gotta say, I love Yamaha's construction both in drums and hardware. I love the bass drum legs, the tom mounts, the single point lugs, and the fact that I have two toms and two cymbals mounted on one stand. The only additions were the floor tom leg wing screws and Pearl suspension tom feet (would recommend these on any kit). This is how I usually set up:
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The snare is a Sonor Danny Carey Signature snare (also from ebay). I added Sonor die cast hoops later (the beefiest die cast hoops I've ever seen!). DC is a big influence, but having a 14x8 bronze snare for the price I got it is well worth it (however, weight is about 20-25 lbs)... Incredible sound from this snare. A before and two after pics:
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Yamaha Ludwig Paiste

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