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Default Re: Rant against modern hi-hat stands

The worst hi-hat stands and bd pedals on the market these days, are far better than the ones I and so many others started with. As a money-less kid in the 80s, it was an old, wobbly and fractured ghost bd pedal....60s? 70s? pearl hi-hat stand that did exactly what the OP is describing, moved away plus turned in a circle (at least I think that's what is described)..and a vintage ludwig snare stand that also wobbled and wouldn't lock into place.

I bought a used Pearl BD pedal a few months ago (sells new for $60, paid $20!), and it's actually in some ways superior to my twenty-year old DW 5000 AD.

Interestingly, I was recently watching a video of Elvin Jones performing, and you can see his bd/toms moving away from him on-stage. It was amusing to see band mates shifting it back towards him while he solo'd.
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