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Default Re: The best of Craigslist

Oh man, this is my finish too

DW Collector's Series Drum Set complete with hardware and cymbals.

Everything included! This is a rare opportunity to own a high quality, rarely used Collector's Series kit in great condition, with all the hard ware and top of the line extras included. In addition to the 5 piece kit you get:
General Value:
DW Double Tom Stand w/ Cymbal ($ 190)

Zildjian Thin Crash ($ 200)

Sabian B8 Ride ($ 115-120)

Ludwig Cymbal Stand ($ 61)

DW Double Cymbal Stand ($ 230)

DW Double Tom Stand ($ 150)

Pork Pie Drum Stool ($ 160)

Tama Tom & Cymbal Stand ($ 111-120)

DW 5000 High Hat Stand ($ 220)

Ludwig Cymbal Stand ($ 75)

DW Drums Collectors Series (5 p) ($ 4,500- $4,875)

Drum Workshop Snare ($ 585)

DW Snare Drum Stand ($ 80)

A $ 6,700 total value for only $ 3,000!

Oh yeah, comes with "top of the line extras" like that nice Sabian B8 ride there. That will match the down right silly tom placement and angles.

To make matters worse, this is the finish of my DW's which I love. Its like watching my set be tortured. Perhaps I should save them?
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