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Default Re: What to do with a rogue left hand?

Originally Posted by okiemuse View Post
As a drum newbie, no challenge is as frustrating as my rogue left hand. I've spent weeks just trying to get it to bring the stick straight down on the snare so that the tip bounces back up to the same place it started. Heaven forbid I should let my attention wander to the kick or hi hat. Who would have thought simple up and down would become the source of such aggravation?

Anyway I'm looking for practice tips to zero in on this problem. Some variety would be nice. I've sat there for 15 minutes doing nothing but 1-2-3-4 with the left on the snare, and it often turns learning into something like punishment.
Hi! do you have/can you make a video of what you're practicing, to get a feel for your current technique? Are you playing matched or traditional?

Much of what is needed to achieve equal hand development is that boring technique-stuff. There's no easy way. It'd be easier to narrow down ideas and suggestions if we can see what is going on and how you are practicing.

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