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Default Re: For Larry and other Mo fans

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
I always wondered how steamed your wife gets Bo when you photograph Monique, take her out to lunch, have her on your avi, and things of the like. My wife....I mean I could do that, but she would feel completely jealous, so I wouldn't do that. BTW, if you haven't already, from all of us dogs here at DW, wish her a happy birthday. I hope she knows that she is a bit of a star here. I do envy you for being able to take her out.
We're friends, and my wife definitely has the edge. And the wife knows it ;)

But Mo and I met when she was a high school student in show choir and I was on staff as the drummer, so it's hard for me to look at her as the woman she is when you've been there for all the teenage drama some 13 years ago. So although we're close I wouldn't say we've ever been that close. In fact we were joking that as soon as either one of us starts to look different, like all shallow Californians we'd probably bail on each other ;)
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