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Originally Posted by Rowanjones View Post
hey guys i'm new here and i'm thinking, its my birthday very soon and i'm getting money so!
i'm thinking going with Gibraltar rack i will be having a 8 piece kit, 10,12,13 toms mounted with 14,16,18 floor toms a bass and snare and i really do not know what to do i will be having a lo of cymbals i guess like 4-6 crashes 1 or 2 rides 2 splashes etc 2 chinas. i really need help guys i'm from the UK and live in wales so the nearest place i get my equipment from ADC in liverpool they do good prices but please i need help!
Welcome to the forum Rowan :)

So North Wales then?

You've yet to buy your kit & cymbals - yes? I don't want to sound like a dick, but shooting for a big dream kit right out of the blocks doesn't usually work out well. Go for quality, not quantity. I mean, 3 floor toms - really? have you tried playing 3 floor toms? I know Simon Phillips has that configuration, but us mere mortals find such a setup difficult to use/justify to say the least. I'm not raining on your parade, just trying to encourage you to really think about what you need, & not what you want. Trust me, we've all been in your space, & lived to regret spending so much energy & cash on something that's ultimately not entirely the best choice we ever made. Sure, if you're a major touring act c/w road crew, & are really playing the kind of music that justifies such a rig - fine, but concentrating on the elements you're really going to use, is a good way forward. Please don't take my reply as condescending in any way, as I know nothing about you. Just trying to save you some time, money, & grief. Quality, not quantity, should be both your gear aim, & your playing aim.

As for racks, Gibraltar are fine, especially their stealth rack program. I have two racks. A pearl icon for gigging, & a Yamaha Hexrack for shows. The pearl is a superb general rack that's very roadworthy, & you can use other makers hardware in the clamps (I use Yamaha cymbal booms & tom mounts). The Hexrack is superb in every way, but fairly expensive compared to the Gibraltar & Pearl offerings. For racks, search the internet stores, & especially look around for used racks on Ebay, etc. There's a lot of guys out there who bought big racks & are now looking to sell them for less than half price. Same with kits. Those guys will never get close to half what they paid. Your gain, their loss.

Buy with your ears :)

Good luck, & be sure to post pictures when you get everything sorted.
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