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Default Re: A review of Regal Tip "E" series sticks

Yea, I am liking them. They're like halfway between nylon and wood, and the tip sound remains consistent throughout it's life. They are brighter than wood, but darker than a smooth nylon tip. Rough up the tips a bit with sandpaper for an even closer sound to wood. The tip shape is closer to a long barrel shaped tip as opposed to an acorn tip that bulges in the middle. It doesn't bulge in the middle. I might cut ribs in some standard nylon tipped stick of which I have a bunch of laying about just to experiment. I need to get some different sizes now, I just got a brick of 5B's. I need some 7A's for the really "loud" rooms I play. Definitely made me switch from VF's, only for the tips. I still think Vics are a great stick.
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