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Default Re: Help with acoustic treatment in a small room...

Originally Posted by konaboy View Post
Are you talking foam tiles like used in drop ceilings or foam like this

Are you basing the sound of the room from where you are sitting or from a recording you made? That's a small room and many times it's as much placement in the room that's the issue. There is a sweet spot in every room. Also what the construction of the room? What's on the floor, what are the walls made of concrete, dry wall??
Yes, I have some cheap wedge tile acoustic foam. I'm basing it around the place where I'm sitting... the wall behind the kit is brick and the wall to the left is brick, but the wall opposite the kit and the wall to the right is dry wall. Is this causing the echo? Is it best to face the kit towards the brick wall? Well the room is upstairs and currently floorboard on the floor... but I was thinking about getting a thick fluffy carpet. Is this a good Idea?
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