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If it wasen't for Tommy Lee I would have Never picked up a pair of sticks, I think tommy is one of THE BEST drummers out there, not only is he a great drummer, he is a great entertainer, with a Huge amount of differnt ideas, not just sitting behind a kit and doing a solo. Tommy Lee has more energy in his little pinky than any professional drummer of his age. Most drummers of his age, can play and play great but thats it, you don't get a kick ass show like you do when you see Tommy play. Most of these guy when they do there solo, they do an "acoustic solo' which is filled with alot of speed and longevity, with Tommy's solo, he intergrates Video along with alot of electronic triggered items into his solo ( alot of people dont like him puting the "club music" in with his solo) but I think that shows of how much talent this guy really has. I dare anyone to go to one of Motley's shows and leave saying they were not impressed by Tommy Lee!
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