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Default Rant against modern hi-hat stands

Oh, those horrid two-legged stands that flop all over the place, and then this ...
last night I participated in a battle of the bands, for a spot at a fairly prestigious music festival. I had to use back-line gear, and we only had 15 minutes to show what we could do. The hi-hat stand had this ridiculous and incomprehensible rotating foot pedal, meaning, it didn't stay where it was. The band I play in is pretty heavy, and I really dig in with both feet when I play with them. For each of the four songs we played, 30 seconds into the song, the hi-hat pedal went off into left field, about three feet away from me, to the point where I had to reach my foot as far as I could just to operate it. Oh, what a wonderful innovation these new hi-hat stands are. They rotate, they slide and flop all over the stage ... just wonderful !!!
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