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Default Re: 1-Ply Snare Heads

Originally Posted by AndyMC View Post
Try a coated G1 or Ambassador and see what your snare is really like, every other head is based off of that one and it will show you your drum at its most open and dynamic. Doubt you will bust through it unless you keep super low tension, they're quite tough. Anyways welcome back to the tone. Have fun, keep drumming!
When I selected this snare, it actually came with a coated G1. I remember hating the open sound of it - but this was when I was used to a focused 'pop' from my snare. So with the change of music style, I've grown to like that more open sound.

I am aware the power dot does muffle the head a little bit, but it does so to create just the right balance, to my ear, of focus (in the centre) and openness (everywhere else). Plus the sensitivity of this head just blows the EC out of the water. I'm really not worried about going through the head though, and even if I do, I have a couple spare heads lying around specifically for that situation.
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