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Default Re: Should I warn them???

Originally Posted by larryz View Post
Bongo John? Lol ... Funny. Tell us a quick bedtime story about Bongo John?
I just looked at the members list to see if Bongo John still had a profile. I was hoping to call up one of his threads, or at least, one of the threads he featured on, but alas, I failed (mods, if you can find something, that would be cool).

Bongo John was actually a good player. He had much to offer, & that's the real shame of it all. Even the slightest criticism of his playing / disagreement with his take on things, or indeed, any hint of lack of attention, & he would launch into a tirade about how undervalued he was, how deserved of praise he should be, how the music industry just didn't get his talent, etc, etc, etc. His reaction was so crazy, it was amusing to say the least, but also very sad. Both I and other members tried to reach out to him, but he was having non of it. I assume he went off to find attention somewhere else. Pity - good player with interesting performance ideas.

Then there was that other guy (forget his username) who got very upset because other members would dare to "muscle in" on his drummer chick attracting thread. Seriously deluded individual.
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