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Default Re: Yamaha DTX500X...???

There are really way to damn many Roland fan boys on this site. If you want Yamaha, don't let anyone sway you. The add on parts (for later on down the road) are half the price and twice the quality of Roland and the module itself (4 extra pads capability) is worth buying the 500.

Honestly though, if you have a couple extra bucks in your wallet, you really really should consider the 520K. The 500 gives you a regular pad for the hi-hat which just seems odd, not to mention the 520 has the textured silicone snare (worth the extra money all by itself). Personally I own a DTX535K I got from Kraft music and I wouldn't trade it for any Roland kit on the market. I've got it set with as a 7 piece kit with 4 cymbals AND I LOVE IT!

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