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Default Re: What happened to classic bass drum tuning?

Thanks a lot for all your input, guys. I think I'm going to go with either a coated Emperor, or coated Powerstroke 3, and see what sound I can get without muffling.

On the last kick drum I had, goodness I hated it, but I actually achieved a money sound without any muffling, and it was a 20x20. I hated it cause it didn't fit me at all, and was a drum I had to accept in place of another kit they didn't make anymore. But I was actually able to get a sweet tuning out of it, that sound guys loved because it gave them great amount of attack, and still with enough bass to fill up the sound. But my current bass on my rock kit is 22x18. So I'm sure I'll have a little fun tuning it for the money sound again.

Really, thanks for all your input.
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