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Default Re: New guy - Sonor kit

Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
Welcome to the forum! That's a beautiful kit - I've always been a fan of Sonor, although I've only ever played the Sonor Safari and Bop kits.
Thanks! I thought this finish might be a little to furniture-ish, but I think that has to do with flash lighting pictures. Under florescent or incandescent, it looks fantastic.

Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
Don't worry about starting late - it's better late than never! Also, do you have teacher too? That would be a good way of shortening your run to Benny Greb-ness ;) Good luck on your quest!
I do have a teacher. He's not technical oriented as I think I need (e.g. "how best do you think I should work on my hands?" ... "I don't know, mine somewhat fell into place"). Not the worst answer, but not that helpful for me. :) He is getting me into grooves, but my severe lack of independence holds me back for now.
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