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Default Re: New guy - Sonor kit

Originally Posted by abapicaltaenia View Post
How would you describe the sound difference between beech & maple?
I would say the best way I could describe it is "drier," it had a more firm attack (tried kits with the same heads so I could get a better idea and somewhat rule that out). Now, I'm sure some of that is all in which heads and how you tune, but it just feels these circles like to be dry. They resonate fine, but you can tell it is shorter than the maples (at least I could).

I think the best way to know for sure is to try them (and if so, side by side with similar tuning). Only your ear can tell you which you like better for the particular sound you want to produce. All the above is my opinion. I'm a beginner, so I haven't been around the block much. But, I tried to research and take the advice on these forums in my selection. Plus, I got a heck of a deal... :)

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