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Originally Posted by Renato
Hi - I wanted to ask you a few questions:

1)what recordings were particularly influential on you as young drummer?

2)What are you listeing to these days?

3)regarding the video clips on drummerworld...
a)what is that snare it? It sounds fantastic.
b)What are those cymbals....especially the flatride with multiple types of lathing?

Hi Renato,
Thank you for your interest. I'll try to answer your questions the best I can ...

I think these recordings would be the ones that have influenced me the most:
- "When The Saints Go Marching In" with the Dutch Swing College Band
- "Moppin' & Boppin'", "Ain't Misbehaving", Blue Turning Grey Over You" etc with Fats Waller / Zutty Singleton on drums.
- "Drum Face" with Zutty Singleton
- "Sing Sing Sing" weith Benny Goodman / Krupa on drums.
- various recordings with Armstrong and Big Sid Catlett on drums.
- "Basin St. Blues" with Armstrong / Kenny John on drums.
- "Africa Brass Sessions" with John Coltrane / Elvin on drums.
- "Impressions" with Cotrane / Elvin
- various Miles Davis with Tony Williams on drums.
- "Milestones" with Miles Davis / Philly Joe Jones on drums. Especially the trio version of the tune "Billy Boy"!!

I still love every bit of the above mentioned!!! Don't get to listen to it that much though. Most of the music I would listen to today is music I "have" to listen to to prepare for gigs/recording sessions etc. Other than that I think I listen mostly to the Phil Collins/Genesis stuff my missus play for me - which I like too! - or whatever jazz record she has on (Ben Webster, Dexter Gordon, Basie etc). I would occasionally put on a classical record too. Like the opera "Boris Godonoff" by Mussorgski.
However, nothing beats listening to the birds in the garden these days!

It's a Gretsch snare 6 x 14" (model 4153, serial no. 127938). Wood/mahogany.

The cymbals I play these days (and on the video clips) are:
20" flat ride Paiste Formula 602 with rivets
22" Paiste prototype (not in production)
20" Chinese crash ride
14" hi-hat Paiste Dimension Light
and of course the beautiful flatride that I got from Bernhard ... it's mentioned somewhere else in this thread.

Best wishes

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