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Default Recording my Yamaha dtx500 - how?


First of all, let me say I have no experience at all recording audio in any capacity. I've been into 2 different guitar centers and called yamaha. I can't seem to get any answers. I just want to record and playback my drums. I don't care about editing. I'm nearly at the point of just putting a microphone up to it and recording it...heh.

What is the simplest way to record? I bough an m-audio uno midi to usb interface. It doesn't seem to do anything. The midi light on it doesn't light up at all when it's plugged in. Cakewalk sonar software won't see it at all. I got desperate and plugged the line out from the drum brain straight into my microphone in jack on my sound card. That recorded but the volume level was incredibly low. So low I had to increase the gain 10,000 percent to even hear it (of course it was full of white noise and distortion, completely horrible.)

Do you have to actually enable the midi out or something? It's like it's not working at all and I don't know why.
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