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Default Re: Restoration of my Sonor Force 2001

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
Hmm, not so sure David.

I've just discussed this with Dean. Are your shells cross laminated (each ply grain running in a different direction), vertical ply, or horizontal ply? If they're cross laminated, then there's not a lot that can be done to "shrink" them. It's not that viable with the other orientations either :( Nor should you consider "pulling them in" with compression (straps, etc). Essentially, the benefit of ply, & especially cross laminated ply, is it's stability. It's therefore very difficult to move it once it's set in place. If putting heads on, & tensioning them whilst keeping them in a warm environment doesn't work, then you'll have to consider taking some thickness out of the outer layer of the shell at each end, down to just below the flesh hoop (allowing for tension distance). Do you have a routing table? If not, then it's best to take them to someone who knows what they're doing. Depending on where the bearing edge peak sits, you may also need to consider reworking the edges at the same time. Sorry mate - a bummer I know, but it's absolutely worth saving the lovely work you've already done, & going the extra mile to finish the job. If you can afford the time, leave the shells with heads on in a warm environment for as long as you can, but be careful to watch for any negative affect on the veneer.

Good luck David.
Hi Andy,

thank you for the answer and discussing with Dean!

I'm pretty sure the shells are not cross-laminated. They're made in china and as far as I know they haven't built cross laminated shells back then.. From the inside it looks like they're vertical ply.
I will leave the heads on till saturday and press both thumbs the shells will have moved back..
Since my shells are (to 99%) not cross-laminated, should I try "pulling them in"?

Strange fact btw:
My 8" tom which is a force 2000 drum (made in Germany) and my bassdrum which is a custom maple shell which I bought later (because my original bassdrum had to much blisters) are perfectly in shape, the heads sit pretty good!

Thanks a lot again!!
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