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Originally Posted by Arky View Post
Welcome to the forum.

Indeed - your basic question was ok to create this thread in the Gear section:

But when you went into the details of what _you_ have (sizes, cymbals...) -> Your lace -> Your Gear section. So I moved the thread accordingly.
Thank you for making that clear. The help on this forum is excellent! Thanks!

Originally Posted by slowrocker View Post
Haven't played the m5, but I have played the fs-5 and it is a great set for the price. I like pdp stuff, because they are cheap and good sounding, I have heard complaints about the hardware though. One of the members here got an m5 set for next to nothing and likes it a lot. What do you think about those cymbals though?
Cymbals are ok...could deffinatly use improvment but sound fine as i'm not doing anything big right now. Im looking to save up for some higher quality ones in the future.

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