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Default Re: show off your snare

Only 3 so far, but trust me, I have quite a wish list. This also doesn't include several I have owned, but for whatever reason no longer have.

(1) This 5x12" 10-ply maple with re-rings started life as a DW Collectors' Series and was modified by its previous owner, who replaced the lugs and refinished it... none of which appears to have affected its sonic properties. Currently with a Genera Dry batter and Hazy 300 snareside.

(2) I got this steel 5.5x14" snare secondhand. I can't figure it out. It has 8 lugs. The original lugs are cheap, pot-metal copies of Ludwig's imperial lugs. Five of them have snapped in half, and so I replaced them with generic Taiwanese lugs. The original strainer and throwoff were made of cheap stamped metal, so I replaced them with Pearl parts. Removed the interior muffler. The bead on the shell is concave like a Yamaha, not convex like a Ludwig shell. Doubtless an imitation of an LM400 by some Japanese or Taiwanese company back in the day. Came in a hard case very similar to what Ludwig used to put their snares in. Currently running a coated G-Plus over a Hazy 300.

(3) A Peace 3.5x14" steel piccolo with 12 lugs. Quick, snappy, poppy. The only snare I own that I bought new. Frosted G-Plus over Hazy 300.

Best yet: the total cost (to me) for all three of these snares was $250 (the 5x12 cost me $100 used, the other two cost $75). I have made back the money I spent on these snares several dozen times over!

EDIT 14 April: Well, I took the plunge. I plunked down some serious money for a serious snare. I've never been a big Pearl fan, but for the value and quality of this snare, I decided to go ahead and get it -- a Sensitone ELite 5 x 14" nickel over brass. And I am absolutely loving it. The funny part is, I had been looking for a used Acrolite and had given up. The store had a Sensitone Aluminum, but the brass seemed more all-purpose. Then, at the counter as I'm paying for the snare, a kid and I start talking and he says he's got an Acrolite, and when he gets home, he'll snap some pictures. Turns out it's not an Acrolite -- in fact, it's a Ludwig Standard Aluminium, same quality, no bead, harder to find. I'm swapping the piccolo out to get this puppy, since I have the high, poppy sound covered with the modified DW.

EDIT 2: Here it is, September 2014, and the Pearl was a bit bitey and sharp for a lot of my playing, plus I wanted a meatier snare in 6.5" for use with the Standards. A guy I knew had a Mapex Black Panther Sledgehammer and we up-and-up traded. He even had the same brand bag for his snare that I had for mine. So now I have quite a bit more thump in my snare.
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