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A few comments about Jim Gordon..

Jim is schizophrenic and it's a very challenging mental illness. I won't get into too many details, as they're well documented. Jim checked himself into clinics to receive help prior to murdering his mother. What he lacked were the required anti-psychotic medications. Those are make-or-break for schizophrenics, especially. The problem is, upon any release, there is no way to monitor whether he is taking those medicines.

Another interesting point is that he not only received writing credits on Layla, he also wrote and performed the piano outro.

Also, from what I have heard and read, Jim is one of the most , if not the most wealthy prisoner in California due to all of the royalties he has received. The man is loaded, contrary to what I read in this thread.

Anyway, a very sad story obviously, but he seems to be okay with his current situation from what I understand. Man, he was truly the "drummer's drummer".
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