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Originally Posted by Ludwig USA View Post

Ya, I would say Jim needs some help/support from the outside. If he does have alot of money, there may be somebody (Family/friend/manager) with control of his money and they don't want to help him get released.
Its true he has collected plenty of royalties from Layla (co-written with Clapton) over many years. As I read he has used some of that whilst in prison. He is not rich, but the beauty of a songwriting credit is its income for life.

Its truly sad, but given his state (which none of us know anything about), he may not wish to leave the confines of prison which he knows as home for nearly 30 years. I am hopeful he's still playing music in his prison band at the very least.

I would also guess that in an over-crowded prison system, he must be quite unwell (and judged a hi risk) to have not been let out yet. They are not looking to keep people in prisons.
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