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Default Re: New G-Series Pedal from Gibraltar

I saw it online, and thought it looked nice. The video made it seem like a nice pedal too.
It LOOKS like a more Pro pedal from Gibraltar than their other stuff too.

I see stuff like this and still go "ooOOOOooohhh" like I used to, but (somehow), I'm able to control the BUYING these days haha!

I got into the ATLAS PRO single pedal last year, and it's a great one. Very well made, great features, super easy to get on/off the hoop, etc... but, ultimately, the floating spring action (spring moves with the mechanism like a DW9000) of it just didn't work for me, and I went back to my Eliminator pedal after about a month. I still think it's a great pedal though, just not the one for me.

I can do anything on the Eliminator, and it just feels right with my foot more than anything else. Can't argue with that!
I still want to try the G-Series pedal out though. It looks like a nice one.
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