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Default Re: E-Drum ConunDRUM

Originally Posted by NBarnes21 View Post
I ended up scoring an older TD-20 V Pro kit on Craigslist for $1600! A church was selling it and I was the first to email, had to drive an hour out of the way but totally worth it! I ordered a MIDI cable to hook into my RME Babyface to start triggering abbey road drums and such, I had a really ghetto string of MIDI to usb cables running into my comp and was getting a pretty long delay. The built in sounds are super fun though and I had a blast jamming to some CD's late at night. I'm really excited about this kit, it kind of feels like cheating cause everything sounds a bit more even and clean on it. Can't believe what a deal it was too!
Congrats on the TD-20......................that is one heck of a price.
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