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Default Re: Restoration of my Sonor Force 2001

Originally Posted by Kalma View Post
Hi Andy,

no problem! I'm grateful for your help anyway!

Sorry for confusing - yes, I measured from the bearing edges, not from the lugs. I just used the lugs to get the right position.

I just put each screw to equal tension and placed them in my room in front of heater.. It should get pretty warm in here..
Damn I really hope that the damn wood will move back again.. It would be more than just a pitty if these shells wouldn't work.. :(

I'll keep you updated!!
David, in front of the heater = no. In a warm space = yes. They need to be at an even temperature all around the shell.

Thanks for the explanation on the measurements, but it still doesn't add up. Are your measurements in Centimeters not Millimeters?
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