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Default Re: What happened to classic bass drum tuning?

Definitely, Bo. Kits that breathe, in my experience, sound better to the audience than most others. Even a tiny bit of duct tape on my floor tom head decreases the volume so drastically that I wouldn't dare bring it to a gig without properly tuning it beforehand. I can't imagine what the volume difference is like between, say, an Aquarian Force I and a Super-Kick 10.

It works for practically all performance situations- at PASIC this year, the Santa Clara Vanguard battery director (forget his name right now) was talking about this same concept on marching snares. If you crank the heads to the point of 'dead'ness from the player view, that's all there is the sound and it gets 'eaten away' if you will by the air on the way to the audience. However, with a ring & resonance to that sound, it has sort of a fatty shell for the air to eat through that leaves the core sound intact & louder to the audience. Man, I'm hungry now.
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