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Default Re: What happened to classic bass drum tuning?

Actually, I came from the days when heads like Pinstripes were new, and Powerstroke 3's didn't exist yet. There was only one time I got my 22" Slingerland bass drum to sound good with black dots front and back and felt strips on both sides. Once. When Remo came out with the Muff'l, I jumped on those but found myself cutting the foam ring in half because it was too much.

When the PowerStroke 3 came out it was a God-send! I think everyone rejoiced ;)

But in my older age now, I'm just lazy. It was so hard to get a good sound with the felt strip, and I never got that nice round low tone like I do now with a PS3, so in this case it's good. But I did see those new heads the kids are buying and I too, think its too much. Louie Bellson once said that you want the bass drum to ring a little because by the time the sound gets to the audience, you don't hear the ring anyway. The ring is what makes it sound like a drum, and not a cardboard box!
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