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Default What happened to classic bass drum tuning?

What ever happened to taking a bass drum and tuning it to sound how you want it to sound with very little to no muffling at all? I'm talking like the Bonham's. Both John and Jason use little to absolutely no muffling. Why do companies keep making all these premuffled heads that all sound and look about the same with all these glued on foam rings that I always hear come off. I'm about to buy a new kick head, was looking at Aquarian's, Evan's, and Remo's premuffled heads and I kid you not, if I lined up the reviews some of them sound the same. The bad ones sound the same and the good ones sound the same. Most even had all the same problems. Then I look at the good old unmuffled heads and I see actual good variations in reviews.

Is there anyone else out there who still believes in taking a drum head, preferably the kick head, tuning it to the music you're playing unmuffled, then playing it to bring that specific sound out of it? I may be old-timey, here as I'm about to turn 20, but I'm just not buying all these premuffled heads. I'm about to buy a new kick head and I'm generally a Remo guy, so I'll probably do a coated Powerstroke 3 on my kit I use for playing rock. Anyone else feeling this idea? Just wondering.
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