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Default Re: POLL: During what decade was the best music produced?

Originally Posted by Swexx View Post
During what decade was the music you enjoy the most produced? I have to say I like 70's music best. Yes, Neil Young, Springsteen, Zeppelin, Dylan... what do you think? What decade produced the music you like the most?

If an admin could make this thread into a real poll with voting and stuff, that'd be fantastic.
The 60s and 70s were my formative years. But I liked the 80s, and slowly started to lose touch with the 90s, and haven't really heard anything cool since. But the stuff Adrian Belew is doing with his new Power Trio I thought was fantastic. But at the same time, the jazz I grew up on came from the 20s to now as well. I guess the last 90 decades would cover it for me ;)
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