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Default Re: POLL: During what decade was the best music produced?

Originally Posted by bonzolead View Post
I've always said the music between 1965-1975 was the most influenced & creative music so I guess were not pretty far
You have 11 years there, Bonz ... but who's counting?

Originally Posted by 8Mile View Post
Probably my favorite 10-year period would be about 1955-1965, but if I have to pick an actual decade, I'd say the 1960s. All those great Blue Note dates, the Coltrane Quartet, the 2nd Miles Quintet, free jazz, fusion, and the British Invasion bands.
That's the bit that got me thinking - some of the best jazz was in the late 50s. I only moved forward 10 years because so much pop was dire (to my ears) back then.and I was never much interested on early RnR like Elvis, Bill Haley, Buddy Holly, early Beatles etc that Rolling Stones journalists decided must be adhered to with no deviations (Ya Vol, hipster music journalists)!


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