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Default Mounting rack toms on a Pearl ICON rack

Hey everybody, I'm glad to be new here on the forums first of all. It's good to be able to exchange information with this great community! Anyway, I just ordered in a new kit (a Mapex Saturn IV MH Exotic) and I was also interested in getting a Pearl ICON rack to mount it on. I am not very knowledgeable about how to exactly work it all, so I have a question. How exactly do I mount the toms off of the rack? What kind of clamp should I use and do they come with an l-rod to mount the drum? If not, where do I get the rods. I could probably use the rods that come with the kit for two of the toms, but I ordered in another 8x7 Tom and I need to mount it too. I doubt it comes with an l-rod.

If you have any other rack tips to broaden my horizons, please tell me! Mounting cymbals, or whatever, please tell!
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