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Default Module Settings

Figured there should be a thread on Trigger/E-drum module settings to help those having trouble with double-triggering, false triggering, non-triggering... (what would you call it... where you hit the drum/pad and the trigger doesn't fire).

I personally use an Alesis DM5 for kick drum triggers on my acoustic kit. New band's first gig coming up, so we want to be practicing with everything we're going to be using. Had the triggers at a low, inaudible volume, as we don't need the extra volume for practice, but I look over at the note chase light, and it looks like it might be double triggering. So I monitor it with the headphones, and yep, double triggering. I use two 24" kicks, D-Drum acoustic pro triggers, and the settings on the DM5 for both channels were:

GAIN: 94
DEC: 83
NOIS: 99

I got a good result by lowering the gain to 75 on the right kick and 85 on the left. I find it rather odd that the two gain settings are so different to achieve the same level of output. had to go home before I had the chance to test it as much as I'd like, but I got through a few songs with no double triggering. It wouldn't trigger if I played lightly, that should be fine as I intend to hit fairly hard, but if I'm getting tired towards the end of the set, I wouldn't want it to start cutting out. I plan to keep working at it until it's perfect, but if anyone has any advice, I'd be glad to hear it, and this may help people new to triggering get a good result faster.

TL;DR: What are good settings to avoid false triggering? (Alesis DM5)
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