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Originally Posted by larryace View Post
I recently shared my intentions with a fellow band mate. He told me that Jim Gordon has a lot of money from royalties, and if it was possible for him to get out, he already has the monetary resources to do so. I don't know if that is factual. He allegedly has a co writing credit for "Layla" as far as I understand.

And since he is so closely supervised, perhaps this is the reason that he hasn't been violent. Once someone with mental health issues finds a drug that actually helps them, after they take it a while and start to feel good, they feel they no longer need it, and the cycle repeats itself. I don't know enough about Jim's condition to understand exactly what he's enduring.

I just think it's a damn shame that his talent is just sitting there, unused.
Larry, I think it's a shame and a waste, too. It would be great if there were a way to objectively review his case with the goal of having him released and monitored for his protection as well as others. That's assuming he wants to leave and would be able to deal with everything including the public and press.

You may have stumbled upon this; I'm sure it made it to this message board at one time:

The worst case scenario would be the story of Jack Abbott, who murdered an inmate in prison, but was released after having his parole championed by Norman Mailer. He wrote to Mailer, who recognized Abbott's writing ability and helped get him released, as well as get his book published. 6 weeks later, he murdered a man over an argument outside of that man's family restaurant.

Now, this is a completely different situation from Jack Abbott. Still, I think any movement to release him should move very cautiously.

And to 8Mile- I don't feel anger any more at Mark Chapman, though I still I believe it was a highly selfish act. But at the time, I saw him only as a person trying to get into the limelight without any merit. I didn't look at the mental illness associated with it.

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