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Default Re: Dunnett R-4L 2011/12 Model Vs 2013 Model???

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
Agreed, although it's really the drum manufacturer who should be sorting that out, not the after market guys. I'd change "best drums" to "most popular drums" too ;) ;) ;)

As a general point, Ludwig's priorities confuses me. They've recently been bringing out some cool & innovative hardware stuff (e.g. their new multi mounting bracket), & that's very pleasing to see, yet they ignore the two most universally maligned aspects of their drums, cheap nasty strainers & lug splay.
Well I agree with you on the the strainer ordeal... The P-85 to me is absolute garbage, I love my LM402 and LB417. I think Ludwigs perspective is that the both the Supra's and BB's are still in high demand and the price tag is quite hefty so if people keep buying it why change it. Like "if it aint broke don't fix it"... But umm... Ludwig the P-85 is broke as a joke... please fix it....

Now for the lug splay you talk about and is reference, not tooting my own horn but if you know how to properly seat a head and tune there will be none. Normally I use 1/2 turns when I tune any snare drum other then Ludwig, but with Ludwig I will do 1/8 to 1/16 turns to tune it, so that there is no lug splay. Try it, go buy 2 new heads of your choice, batter and res. Put your Supra or BB on the what ever is the most level table you have. Put your hoops on and stand up straight over what your tuning. Start with one lug to get finger tight making sure that the tension rod sits perfectly over the oval in the hoop. Once you do all ten finger tight then use 1/8 or 1/16 turns for tuning, I promise there will be no splay. It might take a little longer but if you took the time to save money for a Supra or BB you can take your time tuning.
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