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Default Re: Restoration of my Sonor Force 2001

Originally Posted by Kalma View Post
Ok I tried to measure from lug to lug on my 14" drum.

Position 1: 35.5mm
Pos 2.: 35.2
Pos 3: 35.3
Pos 4: 35.4

It really looks like they're not round anymore.
Even if I put the head on, on some places there's space and on some spaces the head is tight as hell..

Andy, how about this:
I could try to cut some round wood plates and put them into the shell and then put some cords around the shell again to put some pressure on it.. do you think it would last?
So sorry to hear of your despair David, I've been following this thread for a few days now, bummer about the roundness of some of the shells, that must be the (unfortunate) end result of removing the wrap.

Yes, you'll need some kind of pressure to the shell to regain it's round shape, your best bet would be to be able to put the head back on, hopefully the shell will regain its roundness.

I've got an idea, try one of these quick release attachment to put pressure on the shell, put the belt at the top of the shell, but low enough for the head to fit fully on the shell, put the head on the shell, and very gently apply some pressure (put some protection as to not mark the shell), once the head fits, put the hoop on, tune the drum and leave the belt on for a few days, this might do the trick, but be ever so gentle when applying the pressure. The same apply for the reso side of the shell...

This is the quick release belt I'm talking about...

You should find some in DIY stores.

EDIT: You want to put both belts (top and bottom) together to avoid possible breakage, to much pressure at one end of the shell could be fatal to the drum!!!
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