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Default Re: A constant stupid deal

Thanks for the encouragement ;)

At first considering eBay prices and how much other stores are charging for these, I had given thought of flipping them (anything over $1300 would be fair, considering one store has them up for $2100 - but I doubt they'd sell at that price). But after my close inspection yesterday and mulling it over, they really are nice drums. Quite solid and lightweight - like real musical instruments. And considering I just moved both my Tamas to make my vintage collection happen, having another modern 5-piece isn't a bad idea - especially since it comes with a matching snare. Of course, I think the days when people were calling me to come out and do my best Dave Weckl or Vinnie Colaiuta are far behind me now, and I haven't played a 2-up-1-down configuration in years (except when I'm that mouse - he's pretty fusion-y) but it'll be nice to have that option.

To get this much drumset for some store credit, a couple of old unused snare drums and a vintage Roland drum machine - it feels like I'm as close to getting these for free as anything else ;)
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