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Default Re: Adjustable bass drum beaters

Originally Posted by GRUNTERSDAD View Post
From a user:

This is a great beater for specific applications, and it works great, if set-up correctly. The biggest complaint (among other reviewers) is the head loosening up. I spoke with the engineers at Axis, who explained the photograph shows the wrong set-up. The head (tightening knob) MUST be rotated off to the side (at either the 3 or 9'o'clock position ... simple enough)), NOT at the top (12'o'clock position), as pictured. This will alleviate ALL head-loosening problems. I play an 18" Gretsch Catalina bass drum, and with a 'normal' pedal set-up (because the head is so small), the beater strikes too close to the top. So, I got a Gibralter bass drum riser, which works (and looks)great, but the pedal now is too far away from the head. The Axis Sonic Hammer was the PERFECT solution (with its adjustable head extension). It is a touch on the heavy side, but (with the cork pad), packs a real whollop ... the neighbors are even noticing. The Axis tech suggested trimming the excess (back end) off the head rod, to save weight. The felt pad is 'warmer' sound, and also has a slight problem: It was impossible to cleanly peel the paper off the sticky part (from the back of the felt), leaving me with no choice but to glue it on. Also, there's no way to swap the felt/cork pads w/o ruining the stick'um. Overall, this is a VERY durable product, which was the PERFECT solution to my situation. It looks and sounds GREAT! The Axis people were VERY helpful, and I'd definitely recommend The Sonic Hammer.
My Catalina Club Jazz kit came with this Gibraltar riser. It sounds like it was the same as yours, the plate stuck out too far from the riser. I solved that by unscrewing two main pieces from each other (the bracket that mounts to the drum and the L-shaped part that the pedal attaches to), swapping them so that instead of the pedal mount being "in front of" the bass drum mounting bracket it was "behind" it, and screwing them back together.

I hope that makes sense, I don't have that kit any more so I'm not able to take pictures of it.
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