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Default Re: A constant stupid deal

Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
OK. It's done. Since nobody here decided to do it, I took it upon myself to get them. I had some store credit so I used it to lay it away and will get the rest of the cash in a couple of weeks. Below is a link to a picture of exactly what I bought. This particular photo doesn't quite do it justice, but the red to black fade is quite striking and beautiful. I at first thought maybe I'd find something else in the store that I needed, and after wandering around a bit, there wasn't anything else I needed. Accordion? No. Pocket trumpet? No. Heads? No. Sticks? No.

So it's a Drumcraft Series 8 Maple "progressive rock" kit.

18x22 virgin bass drum
8x10, 9x12, and 14x16 toms
5.5x14 matching snare.

It's all outfitted with Remo ambassadors top and bottom, and the bass drum gets powerstroke 3's. The snare has a reverse black dot batter head so I'll have to change that out, but it sounds fine even with that head on it. I dismantled a drum and the inside of this shell wasn't really rough. I might put some tung oil in there just because I like the smell. For the amount of Bauhaus-like hardware, the drums aren't very heavy (as a review noted), and they sing really well. I'll bring them home in two weeks.

This coming Thursday the Slingerlands arrive so I need to make those happen first.
Nice, CONGRATS! I think you did the right thing! :)
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