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Originally Posted by Mad About Drums View Post
Problem Duncan? ...are you wishing you've left the dang thing alone, you can always call 118 118 :)
The wiring needed re-doing. A few years ago I modified it and it wasn't quite right. The neck pickup isn't working properly anyway (very low output) and I wanted to add a new kill switch. I got it all wired up and then found there were a lot of grounding problems. I took the whole thing apart again and had to re-wire from scratch - it doesn't take that long but doing it twice takes up your valuable time, especially after I tried several times to solve the grounding issues before I completely stripped it all out.

It now has much tidier and higher-quality wiring. I'm pleased with the results (even if the capacitors in the tone controls have mysteriously disappeared - honestly no idea where they've gone, must've been a long time ago) and thus I have no tone controls but the pickup selection and volume control cover everything I want anyway.

In conclusion - I need a new neck pickup (I can't repair it without making it worse) but I've also fiddled with the truss rod and saddle height and now it's silky smooth even with a set of 12s, which is what I use on that guitar.

Tomorrow evening will be intonation.

Hours of my life breathing in solder flux are probably not doing great things to what's left of my brain...
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