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Default Re: A constant stupid deal

I scored a pair of Drumcraft 8 series birch 14" and 18" floor toms in a flat black finish with satin chrome hardware for $150. I feel like I stole them for the ridiculous deal I got. I was making small talk to the guy and mentioned how I'd like an 18" FT. He brought the 18" from the back and I was sold. Wonderful construction on it. I have it setup with my Yamaha kick as a 0-up 2-down kit. I have heard people complain about how difficult an 18" is to tune but I found it very easy to tune even with the stock heads on there, and this is someone like me with pretty limited tuning skills.

The only complaint I could find is the slightly rough interior of the toms. One of these weekends I'm going to sand them smooth and finish them with some tung oil. I just need some bags and another kick and I have a brand new kit... I was thinking either a 26" or maybe a 28" and just have that big rock sound. I also thought of getting an acrylic 24" kick and making a hybrid birch/acrylic kit.

Classy grip all day.
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