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Originally Posted by JohnW View Post
Yes, he has a great musical feel and has probably forgotten more hits than most people will ever get to play on. But I get uneasy heaping praise on someone who bashed his mother's head with a hammer and then stabbed her to death with a knife because of psychosis or the voices in his head. Mark David Chapman heard voices as well, but his name evokes anger, rather than pity or tragedy. I admit I have a double standard with this 'talent gap' as well, though I stop short of dismissing Gordon's actions as beyond his control.

Even so, I found this story encouraging, a kind of redemption:

I actually read that story before starting this thread. Very cool.

Speaking only for myself, Mark David Chapman's name doesn't evoke anger from me any more than Gordon's does. I studied abnormal psychology in college and I think that experience has influenced my take on matters involving serious mental illness.
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