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Originally Posted by radeq View Post
nice drumming, tight, good drum sound, those evans can do hell of a job ;)what program have you been using for creating the credits? looks awesome!
I have been using Adobe After Effects to make those graphics. Hard program in the learning stage but immensely powerful in graphics design.

Originally Posted by Mad About Drums View Post
... I don't like the hat you're wearing.

Except from that silly hat, it's an awesome video and the playing is top notch.
Haha thank you very much! I appreciate that, I may have to retire the hat if its going to continue to have bad reviews. It does however serve a purpose, I am trying to grow my hair a little longer.

Originally Posted by Arky View Post
Well that was pretty fine! Great & tight playing, looked very relaxed.
I also liked that you didn't overdo stick tricks and general 'stage acting'.
I can live with that hat but personally don't care for clothing.
(And never liked sunglasses - if any, they were invented to serve a purpose, not to look cool, right? - just my opinion...)
As this is personal some like it, others don't. But we're talking drums...
Kudos! The editing was fine, too. Made quite professionally.

Peanuts I have not. [*Yoda voice, haha*]
Thank you, I really appreciate your feedback immensely!
I completely agree with your statement about the glasses, however they do serve a purpose. The lights that I use are incredibly bright and powerful while shooting and I want to reduce any possibility of eye damage because of their strength. Theyre the same lights painters use, many thousand watts.

Originally Posted by Brian View Post
Nice playing, spot on. Crash heavy but that is personal preference.
Thank you, you're not the only one with this opinion (On this thread even) so I will strongly consider changing that in the future. I really appreciate it!

Thank you all very much, all this feedback motivating me create more videos in the near future. This is my first time on the forum section of drummerworld and I must say, I really appreciate the warm welcome.
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